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Lockey Suite

The Nostell Estate Yard


West Yorkshire


Tel: 01924 918171



Managing Director:

Lee Clarke

01924 918171 Ext.2002


Digital Marketing Director:

Michael Greenwood

01924 918171 Ext.2005


Creative Director / Head of Video:

Nick Padley

01924 918171 Ext.2006



Helen Duval

01924 918171



01924 918171


Sales and Marketing:

Lee Clarke

01924 918171 Ext.2002


Accounts Department

Diane Clarke

01924 918171



Welcome to MyTradeTV

MyTradeTV is a ground breaking new on-line Tv channel developed for business and consumer users and gives the viewer total control of what they want to watch.

Imagine having your chosen industry news, innovations and much much more , accessible 24 hours a day everyday. MyTradeTV brings you the very latest and most up-to -date news, advice and industry information from your chosen business sector.

MyTradeTV also gives companies of any size a unique and innovative rich media platform in which to advertise their products and services in a totally targeted and cost effective way.

The team behind MyTradeTV have over 40 years of combined experience in business to business (B2B) publishing and advertising media. Having successfully launched both printed and digital niche sector publications. MyTradeTV have now developed the world’s only on-line channel that is purely dedicated and developed for business users as a ‘One Stop Shop’ for keeping fully informed about news, legislation and important industry information in their chosen business sector.

MyTradeTV is the perfect rich media platform in which to advertise your business products, services and news. Compared to existing media, MyTradeTV is the most targeted and cost effective way to reach a totally captive audience with your chosen message or campaign. You can watch real life documentaries, interviews with industry leaders and case studies to name just a few of the fantastic servicesMyTradeTV can Offer. MyTradeTV offer professional video editing and production as part of their services, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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