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5 Top tips for an effective PR and link building strategy

Securing high authority links from third party websites is a vital component to increasing your own website domain’s online visibility.

But how can you boost a website’s trustworthiness whilst also increasing brand awareness and referral traffic?

Here are our top tips for undertaking an effective PR and link building strategy:

1. Create thought leadership guest blog posts to submit to credible websites (the higher the domain authority of the site the better as these sites get crawled more often by Google).

2. Curate ‘evergreen’ blog content which is still relevant weeks, months or even years after its initial publish date which third party sites will readily use and link to, including how to guides and videos, industry FAQs and case studies.

3. Generate unique content assets sharable with other sites such as in-depth research or high quality infographics.

4. Produce and pitch agile quotes on topical media stories which sites can readily use.

5. Research existing brand mentions related to archive news stories and charity partnerships for example. Identifying online coverage without a link and undertaking link reclamation accordingly is often overlooked, yet a highly effective tactic. At the same time, identify any broken backlinks via SEMrush or Ahrefs and seek to rectify these.

Whilst a new link doesn’t affect rankings immediately, PR and link building is integral to SERPs (search engine result pages); so producing content for SEO purposes is a vital, and long term investment.

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