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Clippings and Musing – July – Helen Duval 2017

An area of security that has a huge growth potential is biometric identification which appears to be growing in popularity not just in relation to phones but in much wider spheres including property protection and personal banking. This type of system either identifies a person or authenticates their identity. Images are run against a database or fingerprints are scanned to prove verification. These have become popular for unlocking phones, computers or most recently to confirm a payment.

It’s a brave new world that has most of us hooked due to its simplicity. Apple was a pioneer with its very functional home button fingerprint sensor that was launched in 2013 and it’s not just consumers have taken to the idea of using biometrics as a way to verify an identity.

MasterCard is keen to develop a data system that can check a person’s heartbeat to verify purchases, while Google intends to evaluate speech patterns and gaits via the Abicus Project to confirm a person’s identity. There are also apps being developed that will look at the unique vascular patterns in eyes. Voice recognition is now being introduced into our banking systems, which is a leap into a world that previously has only been seen in Bond movies. All of this, at our fingertips, (no pun intended) to confirm new security measures and help to prevent fraud.

On The Home Front

When it comes to home security these types of systems are probably less complex to use, although there still is a common belief that biometrics will complicate locking procedures and that they are more expensive.

We are told that biometric security is not as costly as many believe with both domestic and commercial applications being extremely affordable, for those looking to update existing systems. It achievable and very convenient.

The technology is becoming much more common with products such as iEvo Reader and Supreme Biostation from Global Security.

For the most part scanning eyes, ears, walking and talking, does seem a very secure and reassuring development, when it comes to our very personal security measures, however, this is all moving extremely quickly and biometrics is placing security and privacy into a very public arena. With that in mind, it does leave a cause for concern, with the accumulation and use of this data being mostly unregulated.

Telecommunication companies are keen to create a voluntary code of conduct regarding facial recognition technology. Beyond the security question, although it does give a feeling of great reassurance in most respects, it does leave you thinking that there is something a little hair-raising about the technology. Products such as EyeVerify which scan the blood vessel patterns in the whites of an eye or other similar smartphone technology which uses an infrared camera to scan an iris does create a very Orwellian feeling regarding the future of security.

Smart Technology

Looking at smart technology ASSA ABLOY Security has has released a white paper guide outlining issues faced by councils and housing associations regarding the management of empty properties. Crimes are on the increase in these types of buildings, with around 610,000 housing association or Local Authority properties being empty. They are targets in particular to vandalism, arson and squatting.

The ASSACLIQ® remote was launched by the company as viable and effective protection system against crime. The product was very well received at the IFSEC SAFETY & HEALTH EXPO last month. ’How do you protect void properties?’ is now available for download :

In a recent contract the highly secure Master Key Suite system has been installed by access control specialist, Delta Security, at a London based charity. Brick By Brick provides permanent and temporary housing for the homeless and has recently installed the EVVA EPS Master Key Suite at a number of properties on the Old Kent Road, Queen’s Road and Trafalgar Square.

Evva Master Key Suite

6-pin security keys cannot be copied with each key uniquely coded and tracked using a system that only Delta Security can identify and replicate. The new locks replace a dual locking system that meets the requirements of the occupants far better than the older system.

“Residents now only require one key for their properties, and the doors have a ‘roll-on’ locking system, whereby they do not lock when the door closes, rather they are required to be locked when leaving the property. Both enhancements have significantly reduced the number of occasions where residents lock themselves out.” Isabelle Gravenstein from Brick by Brick commented.

Safe Hands

In other news Yale have expanded their expert team even further with the appointment of Steve Millbank and Nathan Martin. Steve now has the role of key account manager with the leading security specialist, while Nathan joins the company as trade Marketer.

Steve Millbank

Previously Steve worked at Bostik as an area Sales Manager and in his new role he will be responsible for key accounts in the South East. He commented “I’m looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities this role will bring”.

Nathan Martin

Nathan will now increase awareness of a wide range of mechanical products including the Yale Smart Living range. On his new role he commented, “I’m thrilled to be part of the Yale team…it’s great that I will be working for such a renowned, global brand.”

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