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Let’s Get Animated

Animated videos are very clever and powerful tools nowadays when it comes to getting a message across.

Business people are grasping that this avenue is now key to building a marketing strategy, with online campaigns fast becoming the media of choice for many companies, large and small alike.

Animations support content and give weight to the overall message being conveyed – for an explainer video they help to substantiate core topics, quickly and effectively.

One of the most crucial things to remember when developing an animated marketing video is the audience and how, by the end of it, they will have a problem resolved. Rather than selling something to an audience, time is better spent at the planning stage on developing ways to help them understand that their lives just got better. This helps to build up a trust with a corporate brand and the key people involved which ultimately, should convince them to make a purchase.

Coming back to scripting again briefly, it is important to remember here what it is that a viewer needs to do after a video has been watched. If the content discusses features and benefits continuously, the viewers will switch off as the purpose is to give a solution.

Whether it is downloads, purchases or making appointments, whatever the solution may be, it is imperative not to lose conversions, so a strong, clear and direct call to action is vital.

Motion Graphic Animation quickly conveys a message through its graphics and with constant movement it is very easy to follow, making it a perfect solution to explain and clarify more complicated services or products , particularly if presenters are not available or key staff members are camera shy.

Cutout animation is always popular and is not demanding on the eyes so the audience can really focus on the message without getting confused. Digital cutout animation is a slightly more elaborate version of this which works very effectively.

When you combine live action and animation together however, this provides an excellent way to be personal and to build a trust with the viewer whilst entertaining them with the illustrative animations.

It is never advisable to make multiple calls-to-action in one video however if more than one is needed then create a variety of different calls to action by adapting one video.

The MyTrade team works hard to tailor every video to work with a company’s marketing objectives and communication needs. Each one is produced to the highest professional standards thanks to the experience of the team, which understands that every video is a key attribute to the entire marketing campaign.

Customer satisfaction remains our priority at all times with the desire to project greater understanding for our clients’ customers and even more business potential than previously achieved through more traditional methods.

If you need a quote, or want to know more about animation videos, contact us on 01924 918171.

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