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Locksmith Clippings and Musings July 2016 by Helen Duval

Clippings and Musings – Locksmith – Helen Duval

With many schoolchildren no doubt thrilled at the prospects of breaking up for the summer vacation, the Master Locksmith Association has been warning schools to double check the security measures they have in place while the buildings are empty.

With opportunist burglars and professional thieves always keen to leap at the possibility of breaking into a vulnerable location, the MLA is urging schools to remain vigilant and carefully inspect the security in place.

Attacks on school buildings are commonplace during the Summer months with expensive technical equipment always a target. The MLA has stated that with adequate planning and careful risk assessment that security should be upgraded to protect the buildings from theft, vandalism and arson attacks.

Dr Steffan George, Development Director at the Master Locksmith Association has advised communities to check vulnerable and potentially deteriorating areas such as roofs, windows and doors as well as alarms and all locks.

He suggests that a professional MLA approved locksmith can evaluate on-site safety measures and security features to ensure that they provide the right level of security needed to meet insurer’s stipulations.

With the Summer holidays providing the perfect opportunity to upgrade and renovate school property, he has urged that all forms of security in respect of shutters, doors, and general access be evaluated, stating that checks should be implemented in relation to the functionality of fire doors and any other emergency exit areas.

Whilst looking at security and fire safety solutions, Chubb Fire & Security Limited, recently held a ground breaking ceremony in Blackburn, for a new high-performance workspace that is due to be built.

Chubb, which is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), will now transform its existing Blackburn office campus into a fully modernised space that will also be used by affiliates of Otis Limited and Carrier Controls Limited, to serve as a showcase for all three brands.

Alastair Reynolds, managing director of Chubb Fire & Security recently commented, “With this new building we are creating a safer, smarter and more sustainable environment that will be a great place for our employees to work, and an asset to the local community in terms of our efforts to blend in with the local environment, and also the investment in Blackburn.”

The building will be constructed by Lancashire-based nationwide contractors, investors and developers, Barnfield Construction, and has the full backing of Blackburn with Darwen Council.

Technology has once again triggered new developments within the smart phone arena with the launch of a New CLIQ® Connect from Security expert Abloy UK.

The innovative CLIQ® Connect technology allows PROTEC2 CLIQ® keys to be activated via a smartphone, providing a versatile and simple to use remote access control.

Remote management of disparate or large electronic master-keyed sites is now possible internationally with the PROTEC2 CLIQ® device. Providing comprehensive audit trails on locks and padlocks this new security innovation comes with the ability to invalidate lost or stolen keys.

This is the most recent addition to the CLIQ® Connect online key systems from the company and uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology, providing users with modern keys that are managed wirelessly via smartphone technology.

Other recent technical developments has seen the launch of Securefast Easy Code SBL 365 which combines quality and reliability in a solid construction.

Fully fire tested to BS EN1634 Part 1, salt spray tested to 240 hours and independently durability tested in excess of 200,000 cycles, the Easy Code SBL 365 has an array of features including superior lever load testing for use with door closers, easy combination code changing as well as weather shield and security escutcheon options for added reassurance.

It is claimed that the new Easy Code SBL 365 product is simple to install, and can be fitted to timber, composite or metal doors up to 75 mm thick.

Helen Duval 2016

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