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Locksmith Clippings and Musings May 2016 by Helen Duval

With security an ever-present focus for home and business owners, the industry has been making huge leaps forward recently when it comes to innovation that can keep us safe.

The GT Snap Lok, which was launched by GT Window Products at the FIT Show, incorporates 20 years’ security design expertise and it enables window and door manufacturers to meet the latest building regulation requirements. This provides homeowners with the reassurance that sealed window and door units cannot be forcibly removed.

Screws or additional profile related packers aren’t needed as the one-piece clip eliminates the need for the component to be added during the production process. Instead, installers can simply slot it into place while on site during installation.

The new component advantages from GT’s rich heritage in security design, coupled with the benefits of the latest tooling technology, combines the needs of fabricators to meet regulatory standards with those of fitters who are focused on making installations quicker and easier.

Quality Guarantees

With guarantees being of paramount importance to both installers and homeowners, a recent survey has shown that the BSI Kitemark is recognised by 82 per cent of the UK population. We have learned that increasingly locksmiths are grasping that a BSI Kitemarked TS 007 three star solution is an extremely effective defence against cylinder snapping.

For 91% of the population, Kitemarked products are synonymous with quality and assurance, making these products popular with end users.

It would seem that locksmiths are increasingly recognising that a BSI Kitemark offers viable reassurance, with the enhanced security it provides. People trust the symbols, with consumers and businesses accepting the logo as a sign of quality guarantees.

The TS 007 was developed by the DHF and the Glass & Glazing Federation, having the support of BSI and Secured by Design.

As a 3 star security solution. the Kitemarked TS 007 standard can be achieved by either a combination of a TS 007 cylinder (marked with one star and the Kitemark) and TS 007 security door furniture such as a strengthened door handle (marked with two stars and the Kitemark); alternatively a “super cylinder” (marked with three stars and the Kitemark) can successfully resist a snap attack without the need to fit additional door hardware. Either way, the same degree of resistance against cylinder snapping can be achieved.

The advantages to this are many as locksmiths can prove that the products they are installing have been authenticated independently by an approved authority. BSI procedures include an audit of the lock makers’ manufacturing facilities along with their quality management systems. BSI also insists on regular re-testing of products.

The three star security rating of the TS 007 is achieved using a combination of cylinder and door handle, as an alternative to cylinder replacement alone, giving the locksmith greater flexibility and business scope. For homeowners too, they can satisfy the demands of the insurance companies who are increasingly expecting Kitemark accreditation on doors and windows.

Protecting all things that are valuable to us of course, remains our priority and as such leading industry specialists are developing more dynamic ways for us to do this.

Safe and Secure

Master Lock has introduced a new line of safes specifically designed for business purposes.

With increasingly expensive possessions and valuables kept in the office environment, including computers, laptops, and tablets, not to mention documents and cash, the company has launched a new range of safes that protect against fire, water and burglary.

Featuring 2.5cm thick bolts as well as a pry-resistant hinge bar on the door, the new line provides added security benefits against water and fire including verified fire resistance for up to 2 hours at 1010 degrees centigrade as well as 20 cm water protection for up to 24 hours.

Waterproof and fire resistant chests can be discreetly stored in a cabinet and provide a verified fire resistance of up to 1 hour at 927° C and verified water submersion up to 72 hours.

Safety First

Fireco, provider of simple and trusted solutions for difficult fire safety problems, is exhibiting at FIREX International. The company will be on stand F190 when the show takes place 21-23 June at the London ExCel.

Fireco will be providing information about the workshops they are offering, focused on supporting installers. The free workshops help installers increase their profits by finding extra opportunities from their existing jobs. They get hands on training with everything they need to know to install and commission the products in one morning.

The products Fireco will be showcasing include Freedor, a wireless free-swing door closer that can be held open at any angle but which automatically closes on the sound of the alarm.

As Freedor is wireless, it is quick and easy to install, leaving time to carry out more jobs.
Alister Rooney at Arma Fire recently commented that installers can see the benefits from working with Fireco “The demand for Freedor is increasing, it’s a good income source for us. Fireco are a great company to deal with.”

Fireco will be on stand F190 from June 21-23.

Written by Helen Duval

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