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Locksmith Clippings and Musings November 2015 by Helen Duval

2When looking at home design, the idea of robotics is not such a fantastical proposition, as they are becoming increasingly popular as a viable household concept.  Their potential in that that they can be adapted and used in a wide variety of security and surveillance applications is an increasingly appealing possibility for homeowners. Naturally, everyone wants their home to be safe and secure yet, it is surprising that still only a small percentage of homeowners own a home security system.


It would seem that many people consider traditional security systems too costly to install, with some put off by the long-term contracts involved and continual monthly fees.


Today, however, things are changing as wireless technology continues to evolve and has blown the home security space wide open. Property owners and renters can now invest in home security system options that offer functionality at realistic costs. From connected cameras to smart sensors as well as complete home security systems, to simple all-in-one devices, there are many options around today that provide peace of mind for the right price.


There are a number of key, basic tenets to home security which include surveillance and the ability to see what is happening inside and outside a home.  Also, sensors as they give a feeling of reassurance by detecting both movement and elements such as water, fire or smoke in a home.  Locks however remain the overriding security feature that people will invest in when looking to protect all they hold dear.


This month has seen some exciting movement within the Lock industry as the MLA reported one of the best success stories this year with its bi-annual Expo, which demonstrated that security remains a priority for builders, installers and DIY enthusiasts wishing to see the best that the industry has to offer.


Samsung is of course in on the act with the introduction of SmartHome for ‘Intelligent Living’ – while undoubtedly this covers all bases in terms of offering a technical security system that is in the control of the owner via their phone, this may actually lack in terms of total reassurance. What happens if the phone gets lost, stolen or even worse, wet? Could there not be room for considerable doubt, where the homeowner is left concerned that the physical system and the phone can actually be synchronised to provide a lock-tight security guarantee?


When two industry giants come together however things start to look very different.  The launch of John Frederick’s new AutoLock seems to have introduced a product that will utterly revolutionise door lock security.  Developed alongside the MACO team it provides a new level regarding security standards in relation to home security and protection of the more vulnerable in our society.


Keeping an eye on impressive systems, we took a look at design this month, for those that are fans of modern, open house layouts and the security issues they can create.  Large glass facades and wide open plan living brings targeting and temptation to the fore with some adventurous burglars.  Renowned architects KWK Promes developed a dynamic concept with the ‘Safe House’ in Warsaw, Poland, which is said to be the safest residential building in the world and can be shuttered to be totally impenetrable by external forces.  This modern architectural design, transforms the state-of-the-art open house into an impenetrable concrete cube at the touch of a button, keeping its occupants totally secure.  By then merely touching a control pad and switching the house into the less ‘vulnerable’ mode, walls slide open, shutters rise and the drawbridge lowers which allows access to the indoor pool as the gates open to show beautiful garden views.  Additionally the 6100 ft ‘Safe House’ as it is known, has an additional safety zone that is surrounded by concrete walls where visitors can be screened first before being allowed inside.


That’s quite security statement and one which is probably unaffordable for most of us, we suspect even members of Spectre would find it hard to penetrate!




Article written by Helen Duval

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